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We are making furniture for your pets!

        We want to introduce you to our manufactured furniture designed specifically for your beloved pets.

This is not only a great and comfortable corner for your pet, but also a great design detail. We give you the opportunity to choose their own favorite model, select the desired dimensions to ensure your pet's comfort. The most important thing you can choose fabrics that are compatible with your existing furniture. You could create a really excellent aesthetic appearance and comfort and a sense of luxury.

 Comfort for everyone!

Because we are flexible we can fulfill your vision, to make a small copy of your existing furniture, or detail after detail to create a model special for you. We are not selling only a comfortable bed for your pet and a cute picture for your eyes, but also the comfort of your home. For a special order you can contact us there. Contact

Furniture from solid wood and wood products, they are used to soften the high-quality foam and solid upholstery fabrics on which you are sitting on a daily basis.

Comfort for your home!

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Akmenos 7 - 6, Kurmaicių k. Kretinga.
LT-97240, Lithuania